Saturday, February 4, 2012

Estes Valley Library

This photo shows the area we're using for the tagging project with the purple cart (we use many of these) in the foreground and one of three tagging stations in the background. We use the room at the back as our "headquarters" for the duration of the project.

Along with several others, we have spent the past two days at our local library working on a book and media tagging project which began last week. When the project is complete, virtually each item in the library will contain a unique RFID (radio frequency identification) tag - a two inch square sticker with information embedded. This will allow library patrons to self-checkout books and media while freeing up staff to do other things. It will also help to keep a more accurate inventory of the library's holdings. In spite of some glitches with one of the computers, we processed over 2000 individual books. Volunteers will continue working six days a week until every item available for checkout has a tag.

When Claudine Perrault, our wonderful library director, looked into doing this update for the Estes Valley Library, the cost was prohibitive to hire it done. She talked to members of the noon Rotary Club asking if they would consider taking on the project using volunteers. The library would pay $8000 to the Rotary Foundation's community projects fund. The cost of hiring an outside company would have been well over twice this amount so it's a win/win situation.

I am one of many Estes Park residents who is quite proud of our library. It feels good to be volunteering for the good of the library and the good of the community.
Re-shelving tagged books

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