Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Sewing

On a whim, I decided to make a set of Christmas napkins to replace the rather shabby ones I've been using for many years. When I saw this wonderful poinsettia fabric at Cottage Bliss (our local quilt shop) I knew this was the perfect fabric for holiday napkins. They look good with my vintage Christmas tablecloths.

To make the napkins, I use the mitered corner technique. The measuring and pressing need to be precise to get perfectly mitered corners, then the sewing is quick and easy.

I won't do any more sewing before Christmas and today I'll tidy and vacuum the loft so it's ready for company - a lot of company! One of my grandchildren will be sleeping on the pull-out sofa bed in the loft. We'll have ten extra people (four adults and six children) sleeping here for several days and more "day company" during the week after Christmas. Happy chaos will reign! I can hardly wait.

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