Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn is my Favorite Season

The aspens are at their peak, beautifully gold against the blue sky and dark green pines. We camped one night in Rocky Mountain National Park last week and had a wonderful time. Our camp site overlooked Moraine Park with it's herds of elk. We heard bugling all night. My sleeping bag kept me cozy even when the temperature dipped to the low 40s. We had a visitor - a handsome buck nibbling on bushes around our site. He wasn't a bit shy and hung around for several hours into the evening. We cooked over an open fire and tried biscuits in the cast iron dutch oven with mixed success.

The town has been full of tourists for Elk Fest this weekend and Autumn Gold Fest last weekend so we've been avoiding the downtown area.

My hanging baskets of geraniums are still beautiful but all my other potted flowers have been nipped by frost and looking bedraggled. I haven't seen a hummingbird for over a week and brought the feeders in yesterday for the season.

I'm savoring each minute of Autumn, my favorite season in the Rockies.

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