Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lovely New Home for Mom

Estes Park/Lake Estes - aerial view looking west
Rocky Mountain National Park in background
Good Sam, with its fantastic views, is out of photo range on the right

I must put away my knitting and quilting long enough to prepare for the arrival of my sister, niece, grand-nephew and grand-niece next week. The two kids will be here from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, while my sister and niece will stay several days longer. I'm excited about their visit. They will all stay here at our house but spend a lot of time with Mom at Good Samaritan EP Village where her new apartment is located. It's a wonderful facility and we are happy that, at 89, she can be in the independent living wing. It's just ten minutes from our house. She has been busy unpacking boxes and organizing. The apartment looks lovely with all her things in place. I'm hoping she will get involved with a few of the many activities going on there. The kids are eager to swim in the pool and we'll all eat a meal or two there with Mom. She wants me to wait until she has everything "just right" before I take photos of the interior of her apartment so here are a few exterior shots.

Front Entrance

Dining Room


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