Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Anniversary

Our wedding day, 46 years ago. We look like a couple of kids, and I guess we were.

This is our forty-sixth wedding anniversary. It's a cliché , but it's hard to believe our wedding was that long ago. In so many ways, these are the best years of our lives. We have reasonably good health, a loving family, no financial problems, a lovely home in the Rocky Mountains and few real worries. We may be retired but we both have meaningful work and plenty of chances to play. We feel like we are making a difference (small, but real) in our world. If this reads like a gratitude list, I guess it is just that. As I sit here counting my blessings, I'd have to put my six wonderful grandchildren and their parents at the top of my list. We've had our share of problems, as every married couple has, but we've managed to get through them with the help of love, committment and humor, lots of humor.

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  1. Happy anniversary! You two looked so lovely! It's so fun to lookat the pictures and relive that day. Tank you so much for sharing the photo!