Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Snow and Creating Trees

Even though we've lived in Colorado for over ten years, I'm always a wee bit surprised by these late spring snowstorms. This was the scene from my south window when I got up this morning - beautiful, awesome, gorgeous, etc. Our grand total the last two days is 20-24 inches of heavy wet snow. The hummingbird feeders were frozen so I had to bring them in for a quick thaw in warm water before hanging them back outside. Two hummers were waiting for their breakfasts and they continue to hang around for more.

I've been busy this week and this is the one day I have nothing special on my agenda so I'll be in the loft working on my landscape quilt. I've added one border and some aspen trees. It took awhile to do the tedious job of cutting and attaching the trunks and leaves. I have a few finishing touches to add (perhaps a fallen log or rock outcrop) and the final border. Here is the quilt so far.

1 comment:

  1. Winter comes back?!!!Not for long time... But you make a beautiful work.
    I realy like your quilt, you did a wonderful work. You should be very proud.