Friday, April 30, 2010

Quilt Festival - Denver

Logs and Leaves by Joyce Lyon Saia

Three quilter friends and I made the two hour drive to Denver yesterday to attend the International Quilt Festival. We spent several hours viewing the quilt display and shopping in the Merchants' Mall. We had a late lunch, stopped at a new (for us) quilt shop, then headed home. It was a wonderful day. I found a few more fabrics for the landscape quilt class I'm taking tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun . I'm hoping to come home with a nearly finished quilt top and learn some new techniques during its creation. Above and below are a few of the quilts from the display that I found especially appealing.

Spring in My Step by Ann L Petersen

Mon Grand Pere by Ruth Powers

Zack by Klonda Holt

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  1. Quilting. I always imagine a woman sitting in her living room doing it, but realy I don't know very much about quilting. It must be interesting. Thanks for sharing.