Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling Fine Again

I'm finally fully recovered from the spider bite and resulting infection and my face is is back to normal. What an ordeal - not one I want to repeat ever again! Thank you for your get well wishes - they helped. It feels good to be back in my studio again sewing, quilting, knitting and puttering around. I'll get the Ducky Stripe quilt top finished this week-end and pass it along to another Trail Ridge Quilter to quilt.

My newest project is one that will take time and patience (lots of both.) For many years most of the photos I took were made into 35mm slides instead of prints so I have hundreds languishing in slide trays in the basement. Setting up a slide projector and screen is a hassle. I don't think our old slide projector even works anymore. I purchased an inexpensive slide/film scanner and I've started scanning, one slide at a time, and saving the images on my computer. From there I'll be able to edit them and put them onto DVDs which we can watch on the computer or television. I'm motivated to do this because we are having a family reunion next July and I want my family to be able to easily see all these old photos. Fortunately, the slides are already sorted chronologically. I've started with Christmas of 1965, the year we got a camera for Christmas and also the year we were married. Seeing these photos is like taking a lovely and nostalgic trip into the past and I frequently find myself laughing out loud seeing how we looked so many years ago. When I finish scanning mine, I'll scan all of Mom's slides (hundreds.) Hers date back to our childhood and I know my brother and sister will love seeing those.

This is a photo of my husband and me with our first child in 1968 on a California beach. That adorable baby boy is now 43!

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  1. Hi. I'm glad you're well again and thank you for another inspiring post. You have a wonderful family.
    It's just so nice to find the people with the same interests...