Friday, March 5, 2010

Elk in Residence

I looked out my bedroom window a few minutes ago and saw snow lightly falling on a congregation of elk (cows and a few young bulls.) They are nibbling on anything and everything including grass, bushes and trees. It's a herd of about one hundred. Elk viewing draws thousands of tourists to our little mountain town of Estes Park and to Rocky Mountain National Park, especially during the summer and autumn. The most spectacular elk event is the "rut" (elk mating season) which takes place during September and October. We don't have to go farther than our porch to see the antics of these huge animals. They can put on quite a good show right in our yard. Many nights we've been awakened by the loud, frequent and intense bugling of the huge bulls. It's an eerie and unmistakable sound.

This young elk was born last spring and will stay with it's mother and her herd for at least a year.

A little rest after lunch

The two horses in our neighbors' corral have frequent elk visitors hoping to snack on their hay - it's in that fenced enclosure with the blue tarp covering it.

While I was photographing the elk, a deer wandered by.

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